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Vision - Skill - Excellence

Founded in 1987, Libra-Tech Corporation has since become an industry leader in the procurement and installation of library furnishings for public, corporate, university and school libraries. The company's mission and goal is to provide the highest quality products while meeting the client’s budget.

Strategic planning of our libraries to meet the immediate needs while providing for future growth in the evolving technological world in which we live requires a vision that has been cultivated over years of experience, allowing libraries to adapt and remain on the cutting edge.

Environment is critical to a library patron. Within our Team, are members that have had the formal education to assist with a well thought out layout and a cohesive color selection in the initial planning, thus creating an environment that allows people to feel at ease and comfortable both mentally and physically, creating an enjoyable experience and feeling of being at home in the library.

Libra-Tech Corporation can assist with every aspect of your project from conceptual and budgetary planning for furnishings of an entire building to an order fulfillment of a single bookshelf. We have assisted small libraries with financial needs through our long-term relationships with major library charitable organizations and fulfill large municipals needs with furnishings from state contracts and procurement agencies.

No client is too big or too small.

From planning to installation, our attention to detail allows us to spot potential complications, which we can remedy before installation. Our thorough understanding of the product we sell also allows for accurate matching to the library’s needs. Striving for complete satisfaction of our client, you can rely on our diligence to complete a project to the highest standards.

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